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Problem importation external point cloud

Good evening,

We need to import a RECAP point cloud into a PIX4D project.

We exported the project in PTS format and then in Pointzip we compressed it in LAZ format. So far no problem!

Only after I have done the procedure on PIX4D, when I import the file I have an error message!

1_ Point Cloud in RECAP export PTS Files

2\_Converting PTS file to LAZ in Pointzip  

3\_Error importing the LAZ file into PIX4D  

4\_Verify the LAZ file in CloudCompare. That seems right.

Thank you for your help  
Best regards.


This is very interesting and hopefully somebody can answer that has done a similar workflow. 

I sure can’t imagine bringing a Recap project into Pix4D because they are totally different software.  Recap is a toy for people wanting to limit themselves to 50 or 250 pictures (it is really only meant for super low density and very small point clouds because Autodesk software can only handle a few million points).  Please explain why a person would want to run a project in Recap instead of running it in Pix4D?  If it is for the laser scanning well I wouldn’t ever bring that data into Pix4D…use something made for combining point cloud data, like CloudCompare or many others.


e made aerial shots of a street that we dealt with in PIX4D and a company provided us the point cloud of the sewer of this street created in RECAP from 3D scan. Our client would like to have the cloud of point of the street merged with the cloud of point of the sewer collector that is why we wish to import the cloud of point RECAP in PIX4D

I figured as much Corcy…I wouldn’t even try to bring laser scans into Pix4D as there are much better tools available, although some are very expensive like Leica Cyclone.

Personally I would question any company using Recap but that is just from my own personal testing doing high-res 3D models that need 1,000+ pictures and thus Recap is worthless just like Google Maps in this type of project.