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how to convert a RECAP pro PTS or a e57 file to a LAS or LAZ file

Good evening, we need to import into PIX4d the point cloud of a sewer collector that was created on RECAP PRO. Would anyone have had the opportunity to export a point cloud in PTS or e57 format under RECAP PRO and would have converted one of these files to LAS or LAZ format to import it into PIX4D?

Thank you for your help.


We discussed this already through email, but I thought I’d post the potential solutions I found online here too, maybe it can help someone: 

Hope that someone from the Community has some more experience with this process.

Thanks a lot for all these informations.

We have recovered laztools and we will test it for the conversion of FORMAT PTS and e57 in order to be able to import our point cloud to LAZ format in pix4d.

We will keep you posted.

Best regards.


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