[Pix4D desktop] import other 3D file to generate 3D PDF: is posssible?

Hi everyone,

An information: I’ve a project on Pix4d desktop, to merge with a Sketckup file. Is possibile to import my work in Pix4d to create the 3D PDF output, or just to wiev in it (that is more faster than Sketch up in orbit/visualization)?


Hi Davide,

If I understand correctly, you would like to import an external 3D model in Pix4D. You can import an external point cloud:
How to visualize a Point Cloud in the rayCloud (just for visualization)

The Point Cloud has to be in one of these formats: .ply, .xyz, .las or .laz.

I hope it helps :slight_smile:

Thanks Christina for reply.

Yes, it’s correct. The problem is that Sketchup will not export in those formats…



Try CloudCompare, it is free and does most formats.  Otherwise I would say Sketchup is the issue to evaluate in your workflow…

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