Merge Pix4D with supplied 3D object from another source

Hi All,

I am still relatively new to Pix4D, so please bare with me on this.

Having completed the mapping and created the various files a client has asked if I can show the mesh I’ve created with there proposed build model showing.

I believe they are hoping that I can incorporate the 3D model they have created into the surrounding landscape we mapped and modelled.

If anyone can tell me how I would import there model into the Pix4D mapper, or alternatively which external software to use to merge the 2 together would be great (though I would prefer to keep software costs down as low as possible, free would be perfect).

Any pointers or guidance would be appreciated.

Thanks Paul

Hi Paul,


From Pix4D Desktop part you cannot import any external 3D model. The only input that you can give besides the one to create a project is an external point cloud. 

How to import a Point Cloud delivered by an External Source into Pix4Dmapper 


As per the third party software, I will leave it to our users to answer since they have more expertise in this area. From my side, I would recommend CloudCompare.