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Is it possible to make a 3D mesh of whole project after importing one one densified point cloud from another Pix4D project?

Hi everybody,

I’ve been working for a while now in a big project, merging 4 different projects. Finally, after attending your workshop in Lausanne, and with Pierangelo’s help, I’ve finally got it to work. However, it seems I have a problem. I’ve followed one of your video tutorials, densifying the point cloud of one of the previous projects with 2 pairing points instead of one, as it is a metallic tower and seems to work better.

Then I export it as .las and add it to the main project point cloud densification. Then I tried to generate the 3D mesh from the global (main + imported tower) but it doesn’t produce the 3D mesh from the tower (External Point Cloud).

I haven’t process them in any other software, only within Pix4D. Is there any way to merge both point clouds? Any idea how to fix this? Thanks for your help.


Hi Juan,

Your project looks really cool! I guess what you did is:

you dragged and dropped the external (tower) point cloud into the main project.

The 3D textured mesh generation does not take into account the external points clouds.

What you could do is merge all subprojects (including the one of the tower) and reprocess step 2 for the global project. You could use the option that gives you the best results for the tower for the entire project. It is very probable that the results will look good or better.

Keep us posted about it! 

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Hi Juan, 

Glad to see the project!

I agree with Christina, the 3D Textured Mesh can only be created if the two subprojects are merged. The merging can be done as described in this article: . Adding about 3 to 5 Manual Tie Points (MTPs) in an overlapping area in both subprojects before merging should help to correctly align the tower. There is more information in the article.

Let us know if it worked :slight_smile:

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