Sharing Desktop processed projects with cloud service, workflow.

Im not sure i do the correct workflow. I want to share an ortho and pointcloud that is processed with Desktop. So i log on to Cloud and create a new project and then upload the processed results from Desktop. Since i classified the pointcloud within desktop then each point class is in individual LAS files?! And in the cloud web platform I can only upload one LAS file?

How do I upload all of the pointcloud when it is only possible to upload one class?

Hi Goran,

When you export point cloud all the groups get exported. You can, however, choose not to export any group. The classification labels are only exported for the LAS and LAZ file formats. As you can see in the screenshot only one LAS file has been exported.


But my pointcloud is exported to several files/parts. How do I upload all of the parts to the cloud platform? 

If you have the project, it would be best to export it again from Pix4D. Otherwise, you can merge it in a third party software (like cloudCompare) and then upload to cloud. You can upload only one point cloud in Pix4D cloud for a single project.