How to share Pix4D outputs


If you have questions about Pix4D outputs, we wanted to remind that Pix4D outputs are compatible with many 3rd party software. You can send the needed output files to your clients via email, Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc… They don’t need to use Pix4D software to open them.

The processing results can be found in the project folder. For more information about the project folder structure:
For more information about Pix4D outputs in third party software:

If you process your project on Pix4D Cloud, you can share the results with the Share button and your clients will be able to visualize the project on their browser:



can you share point cloud (.las) that was generated on destkop and not on cloud.

I tried and uploaded it, it says it’s processed but it’s not visible, 3d model and map is visible.

It is indeed possible to upload a point cloud in the LAS format and visualize it in the 3D MODEL tab in Pix4D Cloud.

Keep in mind that once it is uploaded, the file needs to be optimized for visualization in the web interface. This might explain why you cannot see it immediately after uploading.

If the issue persists, could you post the link to your cloud project, so that I can take a look a it?