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Better access to your project outputs

Better access to your project outputs

Pix4D Cloud outputs are now more accessible than ever. You can now independently download a bunch of new outputs if they are available in the project. Just click “DOWNLOAD” and choose the output that you need. The newly downloadable outputs include:

  • Point cloud bundle (.zip with all LAS files)
  • Orthomosaic bundle, including world and projection files
  • Reflectance maps
  • Contour lines*
  • Digital surface model DTM*

*if the project is configured and uploaded from Pix4D Desktop.

Improved license status

The Pix4D Cloud homepage is now showing useful information about your products licenses, such as trial period, capabilities and validity.


  • The URL to reach Pix4Dfields Cloud is now
  • For users with the KKC-I-CONSTRUCTION add-on, we have added a new format for a flight plan. From now on you can either upload a “.pix4dcapture-mission” or a properly formatted CSV

The links to shared Pix4Dfields Cloud (former Pix4Dag Cloud) projects have changed. The new links contain the “/fields/” part instead of “/ag/”.

An example of an old invalid link:

The new valid link to the same project:

We are working on automatic redirections so that no action will be required from the users’ side. Please excuse us for this temporary inconvenience.