Project results not available for download

Hi all, 

I’ve run a job in the cloud and it processed correctly but with an error on my part. The error was resolved and the project saved and uploaded to the cloud again for processing. The project name was not changed.

After this new upload finished processing, various outputs are not showing a download link. Downloading the entire project for viewing offline on Pix4D pro gives nothing but a loading circle for hours. Exporting a zip from the secondary download dialogue does nothing.

I’ve changed the name and re uploaded the project for processing, we’ll see.

win10 pix4d 4.0.25

Request #46470

Dear Daniel,

Thank you very much for reporting this issue with much details. That will help us reproduce it. I’ll keep you posted here.



Thanks Olivier,

Is there any way you can pull the ortho tiles off of the amazon store? it’s all i need and i can give you a shared a360 folder.




Dear Daniel,

Thanks again for having reported this issue with the missing “Download” link on some of the outputs. We have corrected the problem and you should be able to see them now. You just need to refresh the page.

Best regards,


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Ok thanks, I’m trying to generate the zip now.