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Error downloading Export to Pix4D Desktop

When I try to download Export to Pix4D Desktop, a “Downloading projectZip failed. Please try again.” Error message appears. How can I fix this? 
Thank you!

Hello Gustavo,

Thanks for reporting the bug and helping Pix4D to improve his quality of service.

We are actually working on it and will come back to you when it’s fixed.

If it is really urgent, we can always provide you the link via your email during the time the fix is put online, just let me know.

Thank you,



Hello Tom,

Thanks for the answer. If possible, I would like to receive the link by email so that we can continue processing, but if the problem has been solved quickly, I can also wait.

Thanks again,


I just sent it to you.

Can you please check your emails? It should be there.

Thank you

The issue should be fixed.