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Uploaing and downloading projects to Pix4D servers


In the new function upload / download a project to Pix4D servers, I’d like to know wether I can expect the initial processing to be done by your machines then I can download the files and then add GPC and manual tie points in order to merge different sub-projects initially processed by Pix4D powerfull servers …

It could save a lot of time for users!

Thanks in advance

Kind regards

Hi Dominique,

At the moment no outputs can be downloaded from the Pix4D cloud except the .pdf quality report.
Note that the processing relies on specific template that make the processing efficient but the resulting model has a low resolution.
This is in our pipeline however, to implement such features into Pix4Dcloud. Our team is working on it.




Nice to read :slight_smile:

I look forward to using this coud computing service: Even (!) as a pay per use basis, I’m quite sure it’s a great idea.

Kind regards