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Can a locally processed project be uploaded to the cloud for sharing?

I know that GCPs can be uploaded to the cloud by running step 1 locally, mark the GCPs and then upload everything for processing in the cloud.

However, I’m processing everything locally and I’m only looking for a method to share the finished project through the Pix4D cloud. Is this possible or is the cloud re-processing everything after the upload?

Furthermore, is there a size limit for the cloud? We have projects with 2000+ images and 42 megapixel per image. Huge upload.

Like your thinking…!

Hey Philipp, hey Gary, 

At that moment, when uploading a project for processing on Pix4D Cloud, the project will be processed from the beginning.
You could give a try to upload your project, but this might be tricky considering the size of the project, so I would expect that it might take a while to upload and have the outputs ready. 

Our dedicated developers are working on improving the Cloud experience and having only sharing feature.

Stay tuned for updates!