Processing on the cloud with GCPs


Please, I need to know if possible, upload a Big Projetct (3.000 images), processing in the cloud (1first step), donwload this project to desktop, mark a ground points in the desktop, and after, upload to cloud for finish steps 2 and 3?



Hi Edson,

To take advantage of Pix4D Cloud when having ground control points (GCPs), I would suggest this article.

There is no limitation regarding the number of images to process on the cloud or on desktop. However, Pix4D cloud can process a dataset of about 1,000 images for an optimal experience with our servers. Please keep in mind that we expect from our users to respect our fair usage policy of the cloud (15 projects/month of 150 images at 15 MP). Based on the fair usage policy and the server capacity, you can for instance process 2 projects of 1,000 images each in a month, plus some side small projects.

Hi Edson,

and what is the usage policy, if I want to use cloud only for uploading projects that were processed locally?



Hello Matej!

If you upload the project from Pix4D Desktop through the menu Project > Upload Project Files,  you will automatically upload also the Image Files, therefore the fair usage policy is the same as written above by Julie. 

There is no fair usage policy instead if you only upload the results creating a new project as explained in the article How to upload results and outputs to the cloud. In this case, no images are uploaded or processed and you will be able to upload on the Cloud the Orthomosaic, the DSM, the Point cloud and the 3DMesh for their visualization.

Alice :slight_smile:

sounds good, thanks Alice