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Can I upload a point cloud and mesh that was processed on my desktop?

Like the title say above. Is this possible, or must I re-process online?
the idea would be to use the cloud platform to collaboration meetings

Yes. You can upload files processed on desktop. 

  1. Create new project on cloud.

2: Click Results under Files tab and upload the files needed


perfect, thank you.

I have a project with 3 LAS files. It seems that I can only upload one. Can you please provide a solution to this - and I hope it is not to reprocess the data with the option to merge all the LAS files…

You can merge .las files with e.g QGIS which is opensource or lastools



I could upload some desktop files in both my first and second projects with success, but there is no way for my third, fourth and so on. Is there any limit to create new Projects?

Thanks a lot

Hi Josè, 

There is a temporary issue on the Cloud, that’s why you can’t upload your output files. You will be able to upload them again, as soon as the problem is fixed by our Cloud developers. 

Thanks for reporting it!


Dear @Josè,

the issue has just been fixed by our Cloud developers! Now you can go on creating new projects and uploading your output files.

Enjoy mapping!