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In order to share with the Pix4D BIM cloud, do you have to have merge-tiles output from Pix4D Desktop checked?

So you can’t upload multiple .DSM, LAS, or TIFFs?



Hi Michael, 

You can upload multiple results and outputs at the cloud. You can see the step by step guide here.  



Thanks for your response.  I processed a project completely on the desktop version of Pix4D BIM and I uploaded my project to the cloud.  It successfully uploaded.   However, all I see are the images uploaded. 

I noticed that I can upload the other project outputs (dsm, orthomosiac, or las), but it looks like you can only upload “merged” outputs…not “tiled”.  Is that correct?  I set my processing options on the desktop to not merge tiles to save time, but now it looks like I have to reprocess Steps 2 and 3 with the merge tiles option checked to upload to the cloud.  Is that the correct desktop processing workflow to view entire project on the cloud?    


I reviewed the help info you sent…thank you.  However, my situation above is not clearly described in the articles you posted.