Trying to sell Pix4D BIM to Managers

Does anyone have a Pix4D BIM Cloud link they would be willing to share that has several Drone survey uploads, so I can see and share the timeline functionality?  I only see a few youTube videos online that do a reasonable job, but I need something more to convince my project managers we should use this for an upcoming earth moving project.  Thanks in advance.

Hi Michael , 

If you register for a trial version of the Pix4D BIM here you will see our demo sites. The sites consist of many projects with Drone surveys. Also you can find some useful information at following links from our blog.  


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Thanks.  One more question. 

In order to use/view the timeline feature on the cloud, do you have to process the data on the cloud or can you process everything on the desktop and then upload to cloud after to share?

Thanks again.



Hi Mike , 

The timeline works both ways.So if you process the data locally on your computer then you will have to upload only the results to the Cloud. Otherwise you can upload and process the dataset to the cloud  by creating a new project at an existing Site or at a new Site.  




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Thanks Christos!


So “results” meaning the final orthomosaic and dsm?  Or is this a command within the desktop (after successful desktop processing) that knows what to grab to upload to the cloud?


Thanks again. 

Also when I signed up for the Pix4D BIM trial, it looks like I was only given access to Pix4D Mapper.  Is the BIM version available for demo as well?





Michael , 

The processing results are :

  • Orthomosaic: GeoTIFF or .tif.
  • DSM: GeoTIFF or .tif.
  • Point cloud: .las.
  • Mesh: .obj, .mtl, .jpg. 

After processing locally you can upload your results to the cloud trough the Pix4DMapper Desktop by following thesesimple steps. The Pix4D BIM version is also available for trial and you can access some demos at the cloud.




Thanks Christos.  When I click the Trial link for Pix4D BIM and sign up, the activation email says it is only for Pix4D Mapper.  Once I confirm my account, my notifications only indicate Pix4D Mapper is valid.  How do I get access to the “BIM” version?  Please see below:


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Hi there. I also have the question on if there is a trial for Pix4Dbim.

Hi @francisco.alfaro
please contact our Sales Team. They will be happy to answer your questions and understand your needs.


Was there an answer to this?
If subscribed to BIM, is there a BIM desktop application, or do we still use Pix4D mapper but get access to BIM features in the cloud?


Hi @jason_rmh,

When you acquire a Pix4Dbim license you have access to the software Pix4Dmapper with a Pix4Dbim license (and Pix4Dbim logo) and you have a Cloud Allowance for the Pix4Cloud bim (which includes timeline and CAD overlay).
Using Pix4Dmapper can be useful for those who upload their project from the desktop version with their own processing options.

There is no specific trial license for Pix4Dbim, the only trial license is for Pix4Dmapper where you can also use Pix4D Cloud. However if you want to test the Pix4D Cloud bim you need to contact our Sales Team

Hope this clarify your questions.