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Ortho processing issue

Hi, I have processed the exact same project in the Desktop version and Cloud and it had different results. The cloud is perfect but the desktop isn’t. Can anyone help as to why the below happened?





@Barry Cloud uses the default 3D maps template. In desktop, you can change the template or tweak the processing options. Also, cloud uses the latest version of Pix4D. It would be great if you can write a support ticket to us with both the quality reports and p4d files.

I have this same issue (already opened a ticket).

Is there a work-around for this? I was relying on being able to have usable data accessible in the cloud by the client. As it is, my project (a very complex facade) processes great on my desktop, but ends up completely garbled when uploaded to the cloud.

Hi Larry, Make sure you are using the same processing options for cloud. The workaround is to upload the project to cloud from desktop by tweaking the processing options the way you want so the cloud uses those options:

That’s actually what I’m doing, Momtanu, so my problem must be related to something else. I’ll wait for the ticket response and see what’s what.

Yes @Holden is looking into yet and will get back to you.