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Ortho in the Cloud

I processed the project on the desktop then uploaded the project to the cloud so that I can get a link to share with the Client. When I log into the cloud, only the images were present. I went to ortho and clicked upload and then directed it to the TIF and the same for the DSM. Now the status is processing. If I already processed on the desktop and directed it to the TIF, why doesn’t it just appear?

Hello Kevin,

What you see is the work we do on some images that can be really big like the orthomosaic or the DSM. What we do when we “process” is that we are creating tiles, to make your navigation smoother. This process requires some time, depending on the size of the image you uploaded and that’s why it doesn’t display directly. 

In fact, it would be almost impossible for you to do anything in your browser if you had to load an image of 500Mb and work with it.

Then you could ask why it is working in the software, and you would be right to ask. The answer is really simple, they are tilling the images too. Another example of tiling system that you are maybe using is google map. When you zoom in or out, you have those squares that you can see appearing, that’s exactly what I’m talking about.

Hopefully, your image processing didn’t take too long and you can enjoy your project on our cloud now.