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I try to realize an orthomosaic, but something seems wrong because on the quality report I can see a preview and it looks very good, but when I simply try to open the edit mosaic on the left sidebar I received a white screen with no result in it. It looks like I have no ortomosaic in my project. How is it possible? I try to process other pictures for others project and it looks working good, what can go wrong with my problematic project? How can be possible that the same workflow let me see an orthomosaic and in another one not? Can I ask you some help please?


Hi Li,

Can you send us a screenshot of the problematic dataset screen and the other one? The orthomosaic will appear and can be edited with mosaic editor only when DSM and merge tiles, ortho and merge tiles are checked in the processing options.

Hi Montanu,

thanks for your answer. I have no idea what goes wrong, I started the process again in a new project. I deleted all Geotag and I added GCPs to the Ray cloud. I started the dense cloud and the Orthomosaic. The second time it worked whit no problem. I deleted the previous job, so I have no picture to send you. The first wrong Orthomosaic I received was just a withe screen and if I simply try to zoom in I received a square in shadows orange and red. Sorry, I can’t describe better what I get as result, sorry. Can I ask you if is possible just process the same ray cloud in two different parts? My project is big and the DSM and Orhomosaic takes a lot of time to finish the process. Is possible ask Pix4D to start the 3th step of the process first for one part of my cloud and then for my second part and merged them only at the end? I have a 500GB SSD, 64GB RAM, I7 8th workstation. Is the best I can have now, but is still to slow to process. I would like to help it in his computation, so, can I ask you if there is a way to divide properly this process step please?




There are two workarounds:

  1. Draw a processing area after step 1 or before as the processing area is used only in step 2 and 3 even if it is drawn before step 1. Save the project using save as. Draw the processing area for the rest of the images in project2 and process. So there will be 2 projects in the end: one with processing area-1 and the other processing area-2 (

  2. You can also split the project ( That has to be done in the beginning.

You can later merge them in QGIS. Unfortunately, the workflow you described cannot be done in Pix4D, splitting and merging in the end