Orthomosaic Error

I’m receiving an error on the orthomosaic section of my project, all the other section seemed to process well but not the ortho. I’m not sure if it’s to many picture (3981) but i have processed about 6000 pictures before and it worked fine.  Please have a look and let me know what would be the best way to have the orhto process with no error. 





Hey Shawn,

You’re facing a time limitation on processing we do on some of the images that we display. As you may know, we are tiling the orthomosaic to make it visualizable on the cloud. For your project, which is already big, we couldn’t finish the tiling of your ortho in the time we have set to do it (it’s 3hours). 

There is no good solution for now but what I can propose:

  • Download the full ortho and make it smaller, then upload it again on the cloud and see if it solves your problem.
  • Download the full project and open it in the software. It might works

Also, we cannot consider displaying the ortho just like that in the browser as it would break everything (almost literally).

We know this is something that everyone wants, and we are working on it. There is some technical issue we have to solve but hopefully, we will figure this out quickly.

In the meantime, I let you try one of the 2 workarounds and let us know if it has worked.