Orthomosaic processing error

I’m having a problem with the way my flight processed the Orthomosaic. When I go to the the file, instead of one large TIF file, it is divided up into many separate files and types (TIF, PRJ, and TFW). A mosaic of my mosaic if you will…So 1.) I’m not sure why this happened and 2.) is it possible to merge these images together so they create the full orthomosaic or do I need to process it again?

Hi @jordant,

Did you check Merge Tiles in Processing Options for the Orthomosaic?

If this is checked, then PIX4Dmapper will a single Orthomosaic GeoTIFF file by merging the individual tiles. When this option is deactivated, the merged Orthomosaic file is not generated.

For reference:
Menu Process > Processing Options… > 3. DSM, Orthomosaic and Index > DSM and Orthomosaic

Best regards,
Rosana (she/her)