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Reduce Orthomosaic after processing?

Is there a way to reduce the size of the orthomosaic after processing or without re-processing? I’ve processed a huge project (almost 800 photos). It took about 30 hours to process. The generated orthomosaic tiff is apparently too large (600 MB). It won’t open in any program I’ve tried, including just previewing the image or in photoshop. 

I would be happy with splitting it into multiple tiff files if that is an option, or reducing the quality of it. I would prefer not to re-process it, unless I can just re-process the orthomosaic without re-processing the point cloud. I would also be happy with an option to photostitch the tiles together. There are 51, so I would prefer not to do it by hand if there is a way to stitch them automatically. 

I am new to the program and doing some testing to see if we want to buy it. So forgive my lack of knowledge of the software. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Jodie, 

It is possible to reduce the resolution of the orthomosaic (and only reprocess step 3 to get it). You could also add a processing area to your project so that only the zone of interest remains. This article should help: 

There is also another community post on the subject, feel free to have a look there:

Let us know how it went!

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Could and external process like GDAL tiling be any option for you?

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Great suggestions. I did not realize I could just un-check the boxes for processing steps 1 and 2 and re-process just step 3. Seems pretty self-explanatory, but I don’t know the program very well yet. I am trying that as well as using Quantum GIS to merge the tiles. Thanks! 

Hey Jodie, You can try to open them using QGIS (open source software), it should be able to open a 600MB orthomosaic no problem. I am able to open larger datasets 3-4GB, and also you can compress the orthomosaics and reduce the size in QGIS as well.  

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I have opened 550MB with   It is also free and is an excellent program.   Very similar to Photoshop.

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