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creating smaller orthomosaics from larger processed job

Hi everyone,
I’m new to Pix4D, and the company I’m now working for has given me the task of processing drone flights on a large job were doing in UK. I’ve inherited the program, computer and other processing software from the guy who previously did this job!
I have now sussed how to import the geotagged images (2568 in total) import GCPs and process to point cloud and orthomosaic.
Yhe problem we have is that, even splitting the job into 4 sections and processing them separately, the orthomosaic is still too large to share with other people (2.5-3.6GB in size).
is there any way to split up the orthomosaic to smaller and more manageable sections (maybe a reduced file size too)?

Thanks in advance

Kevin Chandler

Hi Craig,
You might want to look into using a processing area. This is an area that restricts the point cloud data and the extent of outputs generated for a project. Using a processing area can make your outputs much more manageable.