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Use Orthomosaic Overlap to Define Processing Area

I would like to define a maximized processing area for an orthomosaic and point cloud, based upon the Orthomosaic Overlap calculation such as the png file that is created for the quality report. Basically I would like to include the most amount of green area in the processing area. Is there a way to relate the Overlap image to the project’s geolocation, such as importing it into a GIS program?

I am not sure if I understand your question correctly, but the links below may be helpful as it explains how to define a processing area and generate a polygon using the result.

How to use a processing area in Pix4Dmapper
How to draw a Surface in the rayCloud

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I am talking about using the following orthomosaic_operlap.png image (or the information which generated the image) to be able to put it into Google Earth or GIS program. I tried to import the associated kml file in the report folder into Google Earth and Global Mapper, but Google Earth sends me to the south pole and Global Mapper just gives me an error.

What I would like to do is draw a polygon just inside the perimeter of the green area to define a processing area that I can import into Pix4D Mapper.

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Thank you for the clarification. The png image is not geotagged so it needs to be georeferenced using third-party software to import it to the correct location.

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