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Cropping/Exporting Certain Areas of an Orthomosaic

Does anyone know if there’s a way to temporarily crop/trim a specific area of a very large orthomosaic (5Gb) and then export the cropped area as a smaller map? 

I took a survey of a golf course and the whole file is 5Gb, but I’d like to be able to export, say, holes #1-3 from this map to it’s own full-resolution map so that the resulting file is much smaller. I don’t want to process only the images for the holes I want to make a smaller map from as to avoid more processing time since the full map is already generated.

I hope I’m explaining this well enough - thanks in advance.

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Hi there Caleb

Draw processing area around the holes 1-3 and process step 3 again. Backup your original orthomosaic because the step 3 will override the previous outputs

Thanks for the response.

I realize that is a possibility but I would like to avoid reprocessing the data if possible. Such a time sink with a large mapping area.

I agree with Jaakko: The processing area would be the solution.

Also, please note that Pix4D generates otrhomosaic tiles (smaller parts of the orthomosaic), that you can find here: …\project_name\3_dsm_ortho\2_mosaic\tiles if you have already processed your big project.

They are small files, easier to manage in 3rd party software.

I hope it helps :slight_smile:

Did you figure out any other way Caleb?


And if not, Christina, will I be able to use the cloud to process this custom processing area rather than use my PC? 


Why is there not an easier way to just simply crop out areas using polygon selections? Seems like a no-brainer

Hi Chad,


If a processing area is set on the desktop solution and then upload it to cloud it will be further considered. There is no other way to trim the project at the moment then using a processing area. 






No, unfortunately, it appears that rerunning processing is the only solution. I completely agree with you. There should ABSOLUTELY be a simple polygon tool to export map areas within a processed project. The orthomosaic tiles do absolutely no good unless you really want to bother attempting to manually stitch multiple tiles in a raster image processor… That seems completely ridiculous.


Hi Caleb,


Thank you for your feedback. We will transfer your comment as a suggestion to our development so it can be evaluated.




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You can clip it in CAD using imagetrim.

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