More options for exporting orthophotomosaics

I have two suggestions for the export of the orthophomap:

  1. would you consider marking the orthophoto area for export? Something along the lines of ROI?
    That is, after editing the ROI, the orthophotomap will be exported only in this area.
    This would be useful if there is a large map and we only want to export part of it. Obviously this can be cropped in QGIS, but nevertheless requires moving to another program. Besides, QGIS has very few compression options and sometimes the cropped ortho is larger in size than the original.

  2. exporting in scales of 25, 50, 100% is also a very nice option. However, most users would prefer to be able to define a specific GDS size for export.

Please let me know what you think of my suggestions.

Hello, Thank you for your suggestion. At the moment, the below exporting options are available.

Thanks for the feedback @mwywial

As a next step to our Region of Interest (ROI) tool, we would like to:

  • Make it available in the 3D view
  • Enable import of a specific ROI, e.g. .shp, .kmz
  • Apply the ROI only at export (i.e. not before processing), to export specific areas. Note: this requires some additional computations as the tiles need to be reprocessed to fit the new region.
  • Add multiple ROIs

We don’t have a definite timeline for this yet, but it’s definitely on the to do list!

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@Pierangelo_Rothenbuhler, thank you very much for your reply, I look forward to seeing these options. They will certainly make using the programme easier.

Hi @Pierangelo_Rothenbuhler, these are great suggestions!
May I also suggest that a useful option would be to be able to edit the coordinates of the ROI vertices, similar to how this is possible in Mapper?
I would find this extremely useful for producing outputs that are aligned with other grids (e.g., pre-exisiting LIDAR surfaces). Thanks!

That’s a nice idea. I imagine we could look into a workflow where you can create your 3D ROI by linking some “known” points such as GCPs, MTPs, or Checkpoints that you could import or create. We could do that, or look into editing the vertices once they were created. Do you have a preference?

My preference would be the latter. This arose out of a helpful support chat with Yuka (#139782) where I was asking about options to produce rasters that are orthoginal to other rasters (ie they have the same grid resolution and the grid centers are exactly the same).

At its most simple I would like to be able to precisely define a rectangle for the area of interest by specifying the exact coordinates for the vertices of the rectangle - this is possible in Mapper but not currently in Matic.

My workaround for this at this stage is that I export the dense point cloud and produce the raster outputs I need in other software. But I work with some colleagues who may not have access to GIS software for this. It would be very helpful to be able to say to them ‘set the resolution to X m, and define a region of interest where the vertices are rounded to the nearest whole metre’.