Orthomosaic Export Options

I’m wondering why there are only options to export one project wide orthomosaic or ~300 (depending on the size if the project) tiny ones at 4096px in Pix4DMatic. It would be super helpful to be able to export like Trimble does at the maximum allowed tile size for AutoCad C3D import. 2.4GB is what trimble exports out to and it works much better than having 300-plus image tiles we have to bring into AutoCad. Also, I’d like to bring tiles into Google Earth on occassion, which allows for larger tiles than the 4096 size but not as large as an entire project. The 2.4GB range seems to work really well with multiple software platforms.

Hi agreen,
I passed this information on to our developers to review. However I would suggest posting in the feature request category. This way other users can vote for their favorite features.