Large Orthomosaic TIF file

I’ve flown an area which collected a large amount of images. After processing in Pix4d Mapper, the final orthomosaic TIF file was 4.3 million kbs. What has me wondering is this same exact area had been flown prior. A few months back. The previous flight had an orthomosaic produced of 237k kbs. Does anyone have an idea of what i may have done wrong to get such a large tif file? windows photoviewer will not open and i need to be able to share with others. any suggestions on how to create a smaller tif compatible with windows photoviewer? I’s wondering if there are adjustments that can be made during the initial processing. Thanks in advance for any help you may provide.

Hello @manny.hernandez,
It is possible to reduce the resolution of the orthomosaic (and only reprocess step 3 to get it). You could also add a processing area to your project so that only the zone of interest remains. This article should help:

There is also another community post on the subject, feel free to have a look there: