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Easily opened windows outputs

Hi I would like to generate 2 kinds of outputs for georeferenced mosaic .tiff and 3d mesh. 1 full size for use in pro software, and the other a compressed version that will open easily in windows. For the mosaic tiff, the size needs to be able to be opened in the photos ap, I think the size needs to be around 300,000kb to be opened by windows photo viewer. I would also like a 3d mesh that can be easily opened in paint 3d or some other standard program that everyone has. When I send my clients the files I have most times they don’t know how to open them, if they could double click them and have them open in windows it would be great. 

Hi James, 

I would recommend having a look at Pix4D Cloud that allows sharing, viewing as well as performing simple measurement on the 3D model, point cloud and orthomosaic. 
To get more insight, please have a look at the Cloud general questions.

For a desktop solution for orthomosaic, please check out: How to convert a GeoTIFF File into a georeferenced .jpg File
You might also consider reducing the size of the orthomosaic by reducing the resolution of the output or/and applying processing area in Pix4D Desktop. 
For more information: How to reduce the Size of the Orthomosaic

For a desktop solution for 3D mesh, asking your clients to install open source software such as CloudCompare or MeshLab might be a valid option.