Orhtomosaic export *.tif has no height or width and not usable

anyone have a tip or user error that explains why my ortho mosaic export, although it shows is 620MB, has no image height or width and i cannot open it in windows photo viewer or import into Civil3D?

one issue is that my exports are *.tif and not *.tiff, is this a software bug?

Windows photo viewer has size limitations. I’m not sure about Civil3D. Have you tried opening the file in either QGIS or ArcGIS?

It does open in QGIS, and have been using that to render the Tif to a lower resolution. Just wanted to get input if I was missing something in the processing. I shouldn’t need a separate software to use Pix4D outputs IMO.

The file works fine with QGIS.

I imagine the limitation is related to this (external link):