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Orthomosaic File Compression and Civil 3D

Some of my larger projects result in a .tif image that has been compressed.  Civil 3D will not open them when compressed.  I can open the files with Irfanview 64 v4.44 but I am not always successful in saving the file without a tif error message.  Sometimes I can use the file anyway but only about half the time.  The image   file size seems to be larger than 1,000,000 kb .  Smaller than one million kb and Civil 3D has no problems.  I have not tried processing the project in smaller files yet.

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It seems that there is a size limitation when importing files in Civil 3D. Have you tried to import the tiles that Pix4D software generates?

Pix4D software generates tiles for the orthomosaic and the DSM during step _3. DSM, Orthomosaic and Index _and can be found in the file project_name\3_dsm_ortho\2_mosaic\tiles. In that way you don’t need to process smaller projects. 


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Can you tile an orthomosaic after the fact?  For example, you get a geotiff from a client who did a drone survey and processed it in Pix4D to create an overall ortho-mosaic.  However, their ortho-mosaic is >7GB, which causes Civil 3D to choke on it.  Just curious if you can load just that .tiff back into Pix4D to do a tiling export?  Thanks.

It would be cool if that was a feature of Pix4D, but that operation can be done out side of Pix4D with open-source or of software’s.

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I find this suggestion very interesting so I’ll take that opportunity and pass this on to our team :slight_smile:


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Our solution has been to open the .tif file and save it as a jpeg.  Then rename the world file as a .jgw.  Civil 3d has no problem with the smaller jpeg with little loss of resolution.


We created a post [Desktop] Error “.tif was not found or is not valid” when loading orthomosaic into Autodesk Civil 3D for this topic. 

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