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Hi, I have used pix4d in the past for some small jobs that I didnt need to hold onto the informations afterwards. Question is i have a project coming up where i need to create a orthomosaic and 3d model of a large building.
I will only be purchasing a 1 month subscription as I dont regularly use it. My query is that once the orthomosaic is generated, it’s going to be a very large file, but what is the best software that the client can open up the file for viewing. Same question regarding the 3d model? Are these files locked when my month subscription is finished or is there a way the client can view this data indefinitely.



Hey Lisa,

For 2D orthomosaics I recommend using the free software QGIS (~equivalent of ArcGIS).
For 3D models such as point clouds or meshes, you can use CloudCompare or MeshLab. The complete list can be viewed here:
Pix4D outputs with other software > by output
Pix4D outputs with other software > by software

After the license expires, you can still use Pix4D discovery, the free version which is however limited in functionalities. The outputs that you generated before the license expired can still be opened after the license expires.

Thank you, I will try all and see how I get on.