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Sharing Models for teams

Hi all, thanks to the community here for the continued assistance.

I am having a bottleneck forming and need to find a way to provide team members with the ability to view the projects without taking up user seats. I have simply too many people, in too many places, involved with the process to be able to provide every department with full access.

Would a service like Sketchfab be appropriate for this use case? They will accept several of the available output file types.

I need the team members to be able to use both the orthomosaic AND a 3d representation such that they might be able to visually evaluate structures and topography.

Thank You Much

Hi @candarco,
What is your usual workflow? Are you processing locally or on a cloud platform?

With Pix4Dcloud you can share the results of your projects with multiple end-users and measurements and analysis can be performed. If you want to learn more, I suggest that you contact our Sales team here.


Thanks Alice. Our processing occurs locally the normal workflow is as follows. We use the Orthomosaic and LAS outputs from pix 4d within the civil 3d environment to prepare documents and cad files for civil and arch designers.

I edit the point cloud in pix 4d and export a cleaned version of the LAS file free of overhead obstructions or noise, then use that to create a TIN surface within C3d.

The issue with that is the highly decentralized and piecemeal nature of our drafting resources. Even were I to be able to furnish each with distinct user seats, 25 gigabyte folders per project are not of a feasible size for the purposes of sharing.

I really only need them to be able to see the difference between curbs and walls, see the elevation differentials that indicate hidden retaining walls and the like. The orthomosaics are clear, but even with that clarity there is a great deal of utility in being able to share the 3d representation.

Thank You

Hi @candarco ,

Thank you for the description of your workflow. I still have a few questions.

At which stage do you need to share which files?
Do you need to share the orthomosaic and the edited point cloud with your team members so that they can then create the TIN in Civil 3D or do you need to share the TIN surface after it has been generated? If the latter is your case, which formats does the TIN have?
BIM 360 could let you share a TIN surface.

Pix4Dcloud allows you to upload both an orthomosaic and a point cloud (LAS) as results, it also supports 3D mesh import but that’s for visualization. If you need some team members to have access to the files (download them), you would need to share the credentials of the Pix4D account with them at the moment. Creating a user management tool for organization is on Pix4Dcloud’s roadmap.

Notice that also Pix4Dsurvey allows you to generate a TIN from a point cloud. However, right now we don’t have a smooth Pix4Dsurvey/Pix4Dcloud workflow that could allow you to import such a TIN into Pix4Dcloud.

Hope it’s helpful

Thanks again. I typically share the orthomosaic and the LAS file with team members, who then attach the mosaic and create a TIN within the CAD environment.

I want to give them a way to look at the project in 3d after I have cleaned it of obstructions.

Thank You

With Pix4Dcloud you can share projects where you uploaded an orthomosaic and a point cloud. You can start a trial of the software. More information here.