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Export data to Sketchup

We are investigating the use of Pix4d to get orthomosaic draft to draw on. Today we are using Sketchup for this purpose. But I can’t find a way to get the a georeferenced orthomoasic in to Sketchup to use as a background layer for us to draw on and make measurements in. We don’t need the altitude data at the moment. 

Is this possible with Pix4D and what would be the easiest way? Import of KML files don’t work in Sketchup. 

Suggestions would be highly appreciated!


I am far from an expert in this area, so hopefully someone more knowledgeable will come along and give you a better answer. 

I have been using qGIS(free) and editing the raster layer to create measurements and outputs. I believe it’s also possible with mapbox.

I think sketchup is typically more geared towards 3d modelling. Have you tried qGIS?

@Stegan Klappe,

Yesterday I was able to load into Sketchup a .dae file.  You can download an extension from SketchUcation that will allow importing of an OBJ file, however I have issues with the upload into SketchUP caused by the file size.  My OBJ exports from Pix4D can be uploaded to MeshLab, just not SketchUP.  I have had a successful importing a (.dae) from the same model.  I used *Blender (free software) to convert the file to .dae, however the reduction of faces makes the model have multiple “Mesh” or melted faces.

i have the same problem . can some one solve this problem yet and was able to view 3d model in sketchup?

if yes can email me to 


Thats why i use agisoft, it has the possibillity to export .kmz witch works in SketchUp. Model and texture works fine.  I would like to tror pix4D instead but tvist has to work before. So IF anybody knows hos to fix it with pix4D please e-Mail me at :slight_smile:

Did anyone figure this out yet?

Export PIX4D data as an OBJ into Sketchup using an OBJ importer extension in Sketchup.