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[Desktop][Pix4Dmodel] Export file OBJ with layer or similar to reduce PC usage


Sorry this is my first job with Pix4d.
I performed a survey inside a cemetery, to simulate the insertion of a new funeral aedicule in Sketchup.

Through a plugin, I imported the OBJ file that produces Pix4Desktop in SK: all right, but the mesh is large (as well as the area) and the PC, although from Computer resources it seems not (12GB RAM, Athlon 860K, less than 50% working), it effort to manage it.

Specifically, I would like to divide the area that I have detected, in layers to turn them on / off when necessary in Sketckup: example, during modeling, I turn on only the triangle of terrain that interests me to properly locate my construction, and then, to render, I turn on the rest.

How can I assign the OBJ file that produces Pix4D different layers for parts of the model?

If my way of acting was not correct, how could I proceed?
Thank you very much.

Hi Davide,

I am not familiar with Sketchup. However, you can create several mesh .obj files using Pix4Dmodel, although it requires some manual work.

You could take advantage of processing areas, by drawing one to reduce the model and re-run step 2 to generate a smaller mesh that will be restricted by the box. Then you replace that processing area by a new one (ensuring they overlap a bit), which would focus on a different part of the model, and proceed similarly to generate a second small mesh, etc.

Hope it helps!