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Increasing the definition

Hello Support!
I have a huge site with thousands of images taken. fairly detailed. Now I face a problem, how to give a good definition to my models. In Pix4D there is a limited amount of polygons and a limited size of texture. If I break it into several pieces once I process the whole project Then I can achieve a high definition. However, In Mesh it is prohibited. Please advise on how to achieve higher quality Mesh on larger sites.

Just had an idea.
I can try to limit Point cloud densification to a part of a profect and export high rez mesh. The do it several times for other parts.
Size doesnt matter as Im using 3D cruncher to optimize the mesh. Later stiching mesh parts in SketchUP.
On a side note - Since Pix4d released the Mesh, it would be awesome to provide optimization for 3D mesh output. Now I have to use 3rd party software to do it. SketchUP export wouldnt heart either.

Also, for most cases, just 1 bit map even on highest resolution is not enough. Textures really make my models sing. I would love to have an option to have an option to have 4 texture maps instead of 1 to increase the texture resolution.

Another observation, the more images I have the worth the texture becomes. (I do get better geometry and coverage, thou. It seems like it would be better is the soft did not consider all images available to generate textures, just whatever is necessary.

Is there an option to reprocess only a portion of a densified point cloud? I have a part of a project that didn’t process well. The whole thing processing take over 20 hours (2300 images) I’d love to set a few manual tie points on a messed up area and reprocess only that instead or re running the big mama.

feel free to move this to the process troubleshooting forum ((

I have a huge urban planning site. (3km x 3km 3300 images at 4000x3000) I got a very good point cloud from it. However, 3D mesh is oversimplified -because of limited polygon count. I cant process more then 4’000’000.
So the question is: how to subdivide it into several models for higher resolution mesh.
So far I was adjusting the PC Densification area to reflect only a part of the model. save the mesh, then readjust the PCDA for the next part and so on. That is kind of low. I’d love for the software to split the site automatically in the given number of files and process all at once.
I use polygon cruncher to make the Mesh size manageable.

On a side note, I find that sometimes there are too many pictures. that slows down pix4d. Is it reasonable possible that in some future releases Pis4D will analize what images are not necessary to process? Or your development thinks that it is beyond and foreseeable future update?

Hello Dennis, I have the same problem. I am prossesing a 10km x10 Km area, pre sub-divided into 4 parts of 10 x 2.7 km. It is about 3800 images, It seems that there is no way to subdivide the projects other than doing it manually… EVEN WORST, there is no way I think Pix4D should add a tool to subdivide a fully loaded project with all the images into subprojects, because it really really tedious to do it manually, even more when one is doing some tests, even more when you are doing a time controlled shoot of the images with a rfixed wing plane, in that case, all thew images are spacially uneven. There is a tool that maybe can give a little help called Geosetter.

Pix4d Should atleast make a separate tool to help to visualise and arrange large georeferenced sets into smaller subsets.

Every time I want to rearrange a set into subsets. I need to load ALL the images into pix4d and then cont them, one by one looking for the image name, and then I split them into subsets, when you have more than 500 images, it is a very tedious work.

I think they are working on something like exporting tiles of large models.