Generate 3D mesh after merging Nadir and Oblique imagery

So i have this probleme with 3d textured mesh that i generate after merging nadir and oblique projects … the point cloud looks very good with out any noise " i didn’t clean the model " but when it comes to 3d mesh its a catastophe… i did the mesh with diffrente setting low number of tringles and good texture résolution but Nothing change im very confused… What can i do as a solution!

All help is greatly appreciated!


What version of Pix4Dmapper are you using?
Version 4.5 and above generates improved point clouds and meshes:

Hi Christa…thanks for replying
I have version of 4.5.6 !
Im wondering if it is some sort of methode to get to choose specifique or group of imagery that program will base on to build 3d mesh !


Unfortunately, there is a limitation on how the 3D textured mesh is generated in the software. We are currently investigating how to improve this kind of scene and would like to ask you for the dataset.

Would it be possible that you upload the dataset here? It would help us to investigate the issue and improve on that in the future.