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Pix4dMapper Desktop - Point Cloud and meshing

I want to mesh damaged vehicles for accident reconstruction purposes. When I mesh in pix4d, the mesh created is watertight, which causes some issues such as bubbles to appear and make the model visually unappealing. Also, I have ran the same project through Recap Photo, which seemed to produce a smoother mesh as well as a sharper image texture. In pix4d, the measuring tape markings can be seen but are blurry, but in the Recap Photo model, I can clearly read the tape markings. The image acquisition process was 3 cyclone type sets of photos at low, medium, and high relative elevations to the vehicle. My question is A) Is there a way to smooth out the noise in the mesh? B) How can I enhance the image texture quality C) Is there a way to make a mesh without being watertight as not to include fillers/bubbles? and D) What is the recommended picture count/acquisition procedure to acquire the best results for future projects?

Hi Kaye,


Would it be possible for you to share with us the project so we could better understand the issue? We understand that this may be a subject of confidentiality hence, in case of, please write us a request to support. In the request please include the link to this post so it would be easier for us to find the description here.

In case the project cannot be shared please send us the following:

  • quality report
  • p4d file
  • log file
  • screenshot of the mesh and point cloud.