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3d Mesh problem

I processed the image of the bridge in the sea through pix4d mapper processing.

The problem is that the mesh is incomplete when the mesh is generated after removing the point cloud noise.

Of course, I wonder why this result comes out when the mesh is printed at a high resolution and there is no noise.

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Hi @kim_minsu, could you share the .pdf quality report to see which processing options were used?

Generating the 3D textured mesh will be challenging in this project as there are visible holes in the dense point cloud.

You can try to assist the software by defining surfaces. Those are then used as constraints when generating a mesh and will produce sharper edges.


210625-inchenbridge-reprocessing_report.pdf (126.0 KB)

We share the pdf. Why is Mesh so created in a pointcloud without noise?

I would assume that some parts of the bridge are not generated and reconstructed in the dense point cloud because they are not visible on original images.

This means that, even is there is no noise in the point cloud, the 3D textured mesh generation will not be optimal as there are holes in the dense point cloud.

You can try generating the mesh on a smaller portion of the bridge in order to see if the reconstruction will be more detailed and will follow the bridge structure better.