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Noisy Point Cloud

I am trying to produce a 3D Model of a friend’s boat but I am having trouble achieving smooth surfaces on the boat. I tried using the Surfaces tool but the boat has curves in its surfaces. I notice in the point cloud that there is a lot of noise. Is there any way to reduce the noise other than by re-assigning the points in the point cloud? The 3D Mesh is also very “pillowy” which I am assuming comes from the noisy point cloud. Thanks for your help.

Hi Kyle,
Thanks for your interest in Pix4D solutions. The choice of a Boat is a challenging one.

In addition to the presence of many curved white/reflective surfaces, the boat is also a somewhat “Dynamic” object as it floats/moves on the water.

From reviewing the screenshot you provided, I notice that the Automatic Tie points are currently checked on/visualized. Turning that layer off, often clears up the view a bit.

It appears there is a strong shadow along the area in front of the top cabin. Capturing images/data during a period of Overcast conditions (i.e. Flat light) would likely reduce the presence of shadows and glare/reflection and improve model results as well.

The Cliping Box is the only tool I can suggest helping with the manual editing which will be required to clean this model up.

If you’d like to provide us a copy of the project quality report, I can review the processing options to determine if some options could be changed for improved results.

I look forward to your response,

Aaron Woods