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To much noise.

 Hello everyone.  I’ve been using Pix4D for some time now but this is my 1st post :slight_smile:  I am used to seeing noise in my projects but recently I had one which was very excessive.  Please see image.

some of the specs:

  1.  Merged from 3 projects, complete “top” and 2 x underside (1 in each direction).

  2.  Each sub-project contains 5-15 MTP’s and was reoptimized twice.  The final project (image) contains 40 MPT’s and was reoptimized twice.

  3. NO GCP’s yet.

  4.  Full project consists of 600 20mp images for plenty of overlap except where the 3 sub-projects meet. The sub-projects each have at least 5 MPT’s in common between them.

  5.  Minimum # of matches is set to 4 (I tried 5 and it didn’t make a difference visially).


My issue is the amount of noise.  Is this the standard level I should be expecting?  Maybe I’m doing something wrong?


Any thoughts or suggestions would greatly be appreciated.

Actually that looks like background (usually sky - was it a cloudy day?) from your ‘underside’ photos. Have a look at the topic on Annotations to get rid of it.

The first time I saw it the sky was clear so my ‘noise’ was blue and very obvious.

Increase number of images per point

Use bounding box

Start editing in ray cloud! … this is where using a 3d mouse would increase production

Tower surveys are inherently noisy using this technique, we spend a lot of time editing