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"Ghost" parts in 3D model triangle mesh

Flew a large building with nadir and 45 degrees grid, oblique flight and some terrestrial shots.

635 pictures, all cameras are calibrated, point cloud looks good. I have a Pix4Dmodel licence.

But after finishing step 2. Point cloud and Mesh, when I look at the triangle mesh, it looks terrible, with artifacts.


What is the problem?

Is this Go-pro imagery?

Increase number of images for ATP’s to a higher value.

Flight plan looks good.

Split the data-sets up.

Do some cloud editing.

I’m guessing the spares cloud is very noisy, practice techniques to reduce noise.


Garry, no this is P4P imagery.

I’ll try what you recommend, thnx

Garry La Mantia,

what do you mean by increasing number of images for ATPs? Which option is it?

Any idea of a good link that explains cloud editing?