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Rematch of mereged project


I have two sets of images: one is nadir and another is oblique.

The nadir image are geo-referenced and I also have GCP’s the is visible in both image sets.

I processed the sparse cloud and cameras alignment for both projects and marked the GCP’s. I have open a merged project and reoptimize it using some more MTP’s.

Now I’m trying to generate dense cloud and mesh. When I run with low quality dense and image resize by 0.25 I get plausible results, however changing to high quality and resize by 0.5 gave me worse results (geometric and texture…).

I would like to try rematch the two projects with the geometric verification option, is it possible? (I don;t want to re calculate all the features again…)

I would appreciate any idea what could make it go worse in high quality dense.



Look at the dense point cloud; are the correct geometries and details visible?  The problem could be in the textured mesh not having enough triangles to recreate the resolution of the dense point cloud.  This problem seems to have been addressed with the latest updates.  If your problems are visible in the dense point cloud, the issue probably is an alignment problem.