Recommendations to Improve Project

I am working on building a 3D model for a 90m x 90m building. I’ve performed a couple double grids (75 degree, 80% front overlap) and taken numerous oblique and ground photos.

When building each project separately I created the recommended 5 MTPs (I do not have GCPs). The nadir flights looks fine, but the oblique ones were ‘just ok’.

When trying to tie them all together, the point cloud/3D mesh fails.

So after many attempts, I tried just putting all my nadir into one project and all my oblique/ground into another project. Here is the result of the oblique ONLY.


As you can see, it looks like they models are on two planes. Any recommendations as to how to ‘sync’ these images after initial processing?

Hi James,

It seems like some parts of the model are misaligned. This can happen for several reasons but it is usually solved by manually and locally create matches between the images.

In order to improve the calibration, you could add manual tie points (MTPs) to better align the images.

The MTPs should be added at the problematic areas where there is some instance little overlap in the model, misaligned groups of points, etc. To know where to add a MTP, you should verify the re-projection of a point. Click different locations in the point model and check on the images (thumbnails in the right sidebar) if the point is re-projected at the correct location on all images.

How to add and mark MTPs in the rayCloud: