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Pix4D Mapper Merge projects Problem


I have one oblique and one nadir project at the same place. If I do separate oblique image project, it does it in very good quality and detail! But after merging it with Nadir image project, quality significantly reduces and the details. What is the problem? Please have a look at attached photos, one is merged and second is separate. 


Have you added Manual Tie Points (MTPs) in both projects (at the same place and with the same name) before merging? This could improve how the two projects are combined. I would suggest to add between 3 and 5 of them. If there are noisy areas once the projects are merged, I would add MTPs in the noisy areas and reoptimize the project once more.  

Other reasons that I would check are: enough overlap between the two projects (oblique and nadir), similar GSD between both projects,…

When merging, have you followed the steps described in the merging projects article?

Looking forward to your feedback

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