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Merging projects

how to add two different projects, there is no overlap but both are in same GCP coordinate system.

Is it possible to combine both projects.

In that article you will find that it’s not possible to merge projects without common manual tie points.

Hello Chandrasekhar,

As Johan mentioned, it is only possible to merge adjacent projects with overlapping parts, so that you generate the outputs for the entire area. 
If there is no overlapping part between the projects you can only process them separately and get the results for each one of them.


Thank you madam.

how can I calibrate the images manually. because i tried for one building when I process all images at once, only few images are calibrated and others or not calibrated. If I process Uncalibrated images separately, then all images calibrated and it is giving 3D of only some part of the building…

Even I merge the two projects with common points, only few images calibrated others not.


I want to see two different 3D projects in a single project, I mean two different builidngs are separated by some distance. But both are in same GCP coordinate system.

Give me any suggestion to see both projects in single GCP coordinate system.

Not possible in Pix4D, to my knowledge. You have to use other software for that, like AutoCAD for instance (not sure though).

I have good overlap in two different projects and i given 3 mtps with same name.

when trying to merge both projects i got writing tie points failed. 

what should I do ?

Should I process the initial processing task again in the merging project?

Did you follow the instructions in the link I posted earlier? After generating the mtps, you have to re-optimise both sub-projects. Then make a new project and merge the two… after which you need to re-optimise the new project again. Then you can continue to process steps 2 and 3.

Yes sir, I was reoptimised the both projects, then I merged , still  I got writing ties points failed.

Use something like CloudCompare or Leica Cyclone to work with point clouds after Pix4D is done.  I see no reason to process both buildings within Pix4D together…you need to use other view/edit software once the point cloud of each building is created.  This is basically a GIS item that a standard point cloud viewer, even online, should be able to handle.

Hello all,

@ Chandrasekhar if there is adequate overlap between the subprojects, the merging process should work well.

Please note that the GSD of the 2 subprojects should be similar and the same image and output coordinate system should be selected. 

In case these requirements are fulfilled and you are carefully following the instructions of this article but you still face issues, please send me the PDF quality reports of the subprojects and the log file, as well as some screenshots of the rayClour and the error you are getting.