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Merging projects in Cloud.

Is there way to merge projects in Cloud?

I have 3D modeling projects for a building that were captured in three different altitudes. Just to mingle and process these three projects in one pass generates very inaccurate result.

I would rather process initial pass of each projects separately and merge with MTP if possible.


Thanks in advance.

Hi Taejin,

It is not possible to merge projects directly on the cloud.

The only solution is to process all images together and create a single big project. You can upload all images together using Pix4D Cloud web uploader. However, if some manual tie points (MTPs) are necessary to make the connections between flights more robust, I would suggest that you use the merging workflow before uploading to Pix4D Cloud.

The idea is that at least 3 manual tie points (MTPs) or ground control points (GCPs) should be created for each sub-project in common areas that are shared between two or more datasets (learn more). Make sure they have the same name in both sub-projects so that the software identifies these points as common features to link the subprojects. Some readjustments can be done after merging if needed by adding more MTPs.

To sum up:

  1. Create and process step 1 for each sub-project separately
  2. Add MTPs (and/or GCPs) in each sub-project (at least 3 between two consecutive flights).
  3. Reoptimize the results of step 1 for each sub-project (on the menu bar, click  Process > Reoptimize ).
  4. Create a new project to import the sub-projects (.p4d files).
  5. Upload to Pix4D Cloud from Pix4D Desktop.



Thank you so much!

It seems that Step 1 is re-done after uploading a merged project to the cloud, even if I upload project files and don’t have the Step 1 box checked. Is that true?

That is, the details in the quality report for Step 1 after the merging process you describe (including adding MTPs and reoptimizing) are really different than the details in the quality report for Step 1 after I download that completed project after cloud processing. The differences after cloud processing are: 1) way fewer keypoints per image, 2) often more than 1 image block even though there was only 1 block before upload, and 3) a really long time for initial processing (without report) which suggests to me that initial processing started over.

This is related to my question here:–Desktop-Cloud-Hybrid-Pix4Dmapper-Pro-4-3-31-imagery-with-different-spectral-signatures-one-block-after-subproject-merge-two-blocks-after-cloud-processing

This has happened on all of the projects I’ve tried to merge, then upload to Pix4D Cloud, not just the one with the really different Step 1 keypoint image scale that I mention in the other question.

Thanks for any insight!

Hi Michael,

What is described above is not really a “merging” procedure of the results of Step 1 for different subprojects. In that way, you are basically processing all the images together on the Cloud, but MTPs and GCPs created in the single projects are taken into consideration. If the results of step 1 are not already present on the Cloud (when uploading the project for the first time), step 1 is anyway processed, even if the correspondent checkbox is unchecked. 

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Thank you very much for this help. That’s what I suspected was going on, so I’m glad to have confirmation!

Is there any way to upload the results of Step 1 to the cloud after I have completed the merging procedure on my local machine so that Steps 2 and 3 can use those results?

Ideally, I’d like to skip the Step 1 processing in the cloud, because 1) I’ve already done that step, and 2) the local results are better (because I can use different Step 1 parameters for each subproject and then merge them).

Thanks for your thoughts!

Hi Michael, 

As Alice said, step 1 is reprocessed in cloud even if step 1 is unchecked. So if you are having different processing parameters for step 1 (for the sub-projects) you cannot merge in cloud.

When projects are uploaded to cloud, only the raw images and the p4d file is uploaded. Also, uploading the results of step 1 to cloud is not an option. Therefore, in cases where step1 has different processing options, merging has to be done in Pix4D desktop. 

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Thank you very much for tracking this down. This has been super helpful!