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Merging two or more projects on cloud.

Hello. I wish to merge two or more projects into one on the Pix4D cloud web platform. I have uploaded the files for individual projects and got the required outputs and wish to merge these outputs on cloud itself without having to upload the files on the cloud platform again. Is this feature available in Pix4D? Thanks in advance.

Hi Rohit,

At this time, the feature to merge two different projects on the cloud is not available. However, You can merge multiple projects using Pix4D mapper desktop version and then uploading it to the cloud for further processing. To do so, you have to process _Step 1: Initial processing _separately for both projects and merge them using the Pix4D mapper desktop. Then upload the files to the cloud for processing step 2 and step 3. 

 To learn more about it, you can go through our support article on How to merge projects and How to upload project files from Desktop to Cloud for uploading the files to the cloud after merging your projects.

hello Kapil Thanks for the reply, please let us know one more thing, should we load all the pics of the two project again, or we can just use the combined geotiff / DSM / LAS / Contours of the individual projects which i intend to join and then run the Step 1 again.

Hi Rohit, 

While uploading the project from the Desktop to Cloud, all the images from both of the merged projects will be automatically uploaded. To do so, you have to follow the steps explained in the article How to upload project files from Desktop to Cloud.

No, you can’t upload the Geotiff/DSM/LAS on the Pix4D cloud and process it. You might be able to use other third-party software to combine them externally.