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Merging projects (dense clouds)

It is possible to merge generated dense point clouds of each project in addition to their sparse point clouds?


When merging projects, the resulting merged project will be in the same state as after processing step 1. The dense point cloud will not carry over to the merged project and the full densified point cloud will need to be generated in the merged project. For merging recommendations, you can see this article

Best regards

This is something that is likely going to make me change to your competitor who is able to merge ‘chunks’. The time wasted in having an all or nothing approach to the density of the cloud is highly inefficient. What is needed to make it usable to surveyors is to be able to do a general point cloud creation over the site and then add additional processed areas for the places where a higher detail/concentration is required.

May as well go back to using a laser scanner if this is the outcome.

Is there any reason that there can’t be multiple point clouds and processing areas in the project?


Hi Gary


I totally agree with you, it is really a pain.