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Processing of drone images at different days and merging point cloud

Hi all
We are facing problems while processing drone images taken at same location at different gap days and point cloud isn’t matching up with neighbour point cloud it has a error of 1meter difference from one another
Plz let me know how to proceed for further steps
Thank you

It is not clear to me whether:

  1. you have one Pix4Dmapper project per day and you are trying to merge each point cloud in an external software (you need GCPs to align them) OR
  2. you have one Pix4Dmapper project per day and you are trying to merge them into a big Pix4Dmapper project: How to merge projects (you need to add Manual tie points to align them) OR
  3. you processed all images together from scratch at one Pix4Dmapper project

Please give me some more information about your workflows :slight_smile:


If you didn’t use GCP’s you can pic coordinates (objects that are visible in both projects) from first project and use those as GCP’s in 2nd project. After that point clouds should align properly.

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so, basically we dumped all images at once which are taken at different days. suppose say 15 days and we tried to process those with ground control points.after processing completed point cloud seem to be 1 meter rise at half of portion.

You need to either process each project seperately and then merge every 2 projects as described here:
How to merge projects adding Manual Tie Points

Or add several Manual Tie Points in your existing already processed project to allign the mismatched areas and Reoptimize.
Please keep in mind that the results of step 2 and 3 will be overwritten